Lost Weight with Black Coffee and Lemon


Coffee with lemon

My practical way to lost the weight. This is the way I practice and I got one kg lost weight per month.
I believe there some people might have a habit of drinking coffee for everyday. But do you ever know the advantage and disadvantage of the coffee? I think there are many article saying about the advantage and disadvantage of coffee so I would not descript it here but I bring an other article “lost 1 kg of weight within 1 month” to share with the people here.

I were considered as a fat man and many people always say to me that you are so fat and to care your health you should reduce your weight like reduce the amount of eating, trying sport, etc. But it seem not very practical for me because I always busy with my work and I also like to eat 🙂 . So how?

I am not sure if it’s work for you, but just share if it can help.

Later there is one of my friend told me that you can try black coffee with the lemon it may help you!!? It something like a joke but I just try it. Normally I drink 2 cups of black coffee (without sugar or milk), thus I just try to put the lemon inside. Few first time I feel very hard to drink it but later I feel i do like it taste.??? has ha unbelievable one month later I lost 1 kg and in the next few month i lost approximately 1.3 kg per month? I am not the one who understand about the medical or technology but i feel happy when i lost my weight (i eat and act as before I drink that coffee with lemon).
Please comment..


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